How to Hire an Electrician

An electrician wearing a black shirt and hat working on an electrical outlet on a blue wall inside a residential home.

Always go with an expert when it comes to electrical work in your Oklahoma home or business.

Faulty wiring can lead to a house fire. Blinking lights, overloaded circuits, power outages—hiring a professional electrician with a proven track record can avoid a lot of mishaps.

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The average home in America consumes about 914 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per month, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). Along those lines, here are a few tips to consider when hiring an electrician.

Hiring an Electrician in Oklahoma

Although you are going to hire somebody who has passed the electrician’s license exam, we recommend you consider experience level as you look for an electrician. Specific certifications vary by state, but in general, there are at least two levels of experience for electricians:

Master Electrician

  • Has passed a state competency exam and has a minimum number of hours of professional experience.
  • Knows National Electrical Code as well as state-specific modifications.
  • Is qualified to plan, design, install, and maintain an electrical system for your project.

Journeyman Electrician

  • Has not qualified for a master license yet, but is still licensed by the state and has met a minimum number of training hours and years of experience.
  • Cannot design systems but can install wiring and equipment.

Always ask for license and proof of insurance and follow up with references as well. The references should be verifiable and can show that the electrician was professional, reliable, and courteous. You also want an electrician who will guarantee their work. Most electricians will offer a warranty on their services.

Hiring Considerations

Electricians often specialize in their trade. They might strictly perform commercial work, new construction, or remodeling work. A trustworthy contractor might be willing to recommend an electrician for you. Explain what kind of work you need and ask for a referral.

Always ask about experience and ongoing certification. Find out whether the electrician’s warranty covers both parts and labor, and how long it remains in effect. If the electrician you hired plans to use subcontractors, be sure their license and insurance cover everyone on the job.

For larger projects, such as upgrading the entire service in your Oklahoma City, OK home or business, get at least three quotes. It is time well spent if it can save you some money and steer you toward a qualified professional who is right for your job.

Most jobs will require a permit issued by your local building department. This is for your protection; before the building inspector can sign off on the work, the inspector must take a look at it to ensure it meets code. Electricity can be dangerous, and you need to be careful.

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