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Air Handler Services

Diagnosing & Air Handler Problems, Repairing, & Replacing

We diagnose air handler problems and recommend repair or replacement options.

  • Cooling issues?
    There might be a problem with your AC or heat pump air handling unit. Find the blower and evaporator coil housed in the heat pump indoor air handling unit.
  • Are you experiencing cooling or heating problems?
    It could be your air handler or heat pump. Could it be that the heat pump system needs replacing or a minor air handler problem needs fixing?

Count on our experts to provide you with accurate and cost-effective solutions.


Air Handling Unit Cooling Inefficiencies – How it works

Cooling air throughout your home or building comes down to three main areas:

  • Blower:
    It pulls warm air from your home, then directs it over an evaporator coil. When working as they should, they ensure efficient air exchange.
  • Evaporator Coil:
    Air passes over the evaporator coil. There it cools before being released back into your living space.
  • Air Filter:
    This keeps the air handling unit free of debris. Replace filters regularly. This is a critical step. It ensures the blower and evaporator coils function as efficiently as possible.


When Air Handlers Have Problems

Air handler problems come down to the same three areas:

  • Blower Damage:
    Overheating due to being overworked causes blowers to burn out. This is an easy fix. Blocked air filters make it more difficult for the blower to pull air through the system.
  • Blocked Air Filters:
    Blocked air filters cause dust, dirt, and debris buildup within the air handler system. This debris gets into the blower and causes damage. Perform regular air filter maintenance and air handler system cleaning. It keeps the air clean and the blower working smoothly.
  • Frozen Evaporator Coil:
    This is one of the most common problems with air handlers. Again it is often caused by blocked air filters. What you notice is a lack of cool air flowing through the vents.


Replacing Your Air Handler – When Is It Time?

Have you had to schedule several service calls for your heat pump or air handler over the past few years? Those service visits add up. It is cheaper to replace an air handler than to continue making repairs. Accel does full-system replacements that include indoor and outdoor unit replacements and installations.

Indoor and outdoor units must have matching SEER ratings. Replacement of both the refrigerant and coils works best when they are replaced together.

We walk you through the AC or heat pump installation and repair process. This ensures

  • You understand the process. The upgraded equipment is the right size.
  • The newly installed AC or heat pump meets local building codes. The upgraded unit meets performance efficiency standards.


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