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Whole House Surge Protection

Protect your expensive electrical appliances and devices.



Whole House Surge Protection – Protecting You from Extremes

Oklahoma sees some tremendous electrical storms make whole house surge protection a must. Did you know lightning strikes the United States over 20 million times per year? This causes close to $1 billion in damages for homeowners. These surges of electricity damage expensive electronics. Freezers get fried. Refrigerators fail. Computer memories get erased. Let our team of professionals install whole-house protection and protect your electronics.


Do I Need Surge Protection?

Most everyday electrical surges are harmless. Things get complicated when something causes a surge. That surge will fry about anything you have plugged in. Install whole-house protection. Protect sensitive electronics, refrigerators, microwaves, washers/dryers, televisions, and air conditioners. Protecting expensive household appliances and electronics from damage. Whole house surge protectors pay for themselves from prevented damage.


Financial Incentives

Look into financial incentives from your insurance company. Ask us to see if there are any financial programs available. Still not sure if a whole-house protection system is right for you? Call us and get a specialist on the line to help!


Can I Do Surge Protection Myself?

Electricity is dangerous. Let licensed, trained, and expert electricians do the job. Let us know if you have questions about surge protection installation and repair. Our electrical specialists can handle all your difficult questions about whole-hoouse protection systems.


What We Install

Eaton offers a comprehensive family of surge products for use at service entrances. These products can help protect sensitive electronics against the damaging effects of surges.

  • Protects Electronics in the whole home
  • Covers your Insurance Deductible up to $30,000
  • If no insurance will cover up to $30,000 of damage.
  • Installed at the service panel
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Lifetime Warranty on parts

Let us help protect you!!!!


Eaton Whole House Surge Protection