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Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Devices

Rest easy! Smoke & carbon monoxide device replacements & upgrades.

Smoke Detectors Installation / Replacement

Call us for smoke detectors and carbon monoxide device installations and replacements. We install / replace for all properties. Let us help you get your devices set up without hassle.


Residential Requirements

We are up to date on local requirements and codes. We help you identify the appropriate locations for installing your devices.


Choosing the Right Device

Ionization smoke detectors:
Effective at detecting flaming fires. During a fire, smoke enters the ionization chamber. This disrupts the ion flow, which triggers the alarm.

Photoelectric smoke detectors:
Effective at detecting smoldering fires. The alarm sounds when light from smoke reflects on the sensor.

Dual-sensor smoke detectors:
Most households use photoelectric and ionization technology. You get comprehensive and efficient protection.

Our experts review available options during our initial visit. We help you select the device that best meets your needs.


Regular Maintenance and Testing

Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors monthly. This is a simple task. You push the test button on the device. If your device is in proper condition, you hear the alarm. What do you do when the detector alarms do not sound? Replace the batteries. Test it again. If that does not work, faulty wiring may be causing the issue. Consider having it replaced.

Replace the batteries every year. Replace the smoke detector should every 10 years.

Calls us, no matter whether you need or have your devices replaced. Let us help with your electrical issues. Rely on our team. We provide you with safe solutions.

Smoke Detectors Installation Testing