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Outlet Replacements & Installations

Installing and replacing many outlet types.

Electrical Outlet Installations & Replacements

Get your electrical outlet installations done safely. Households and commercial buildings have many items running at the same time. Older electrical systems struggle with modern-day electricity loads. Outdated or faulty wiring may cause trouble. It often fails when overloaded or when you add heavy-duty appliances or equipment.


Inspection Before Installation

Do you live in an older home or manage an older commercial building? Consider getting a full electrical inspection before installing appliances. For heavy-duty systems, this is a must. This includes backup generators, tankless water heaters, and electric vehicle charging stations.


Outdated Electrical Outlet Replacement

Was your property built before the 1960s? You may have outdated electrical systems, such as old two-prong outlets. These outlets are missing the third grounding wire. This is what helps protect your electrical equipment from sudden power surges. Grounding wires prevent accidental shocks as well. We recommend upgrading two-prong outlets to three-prong outlets or GFCI outlets. This ensures your long-term safety. We take the time to inspect your electrical system before conducting upgrades. We make sure outlet installation is safe and efficient.


GFCI Outlet Installation

Wherever there is a faucet, GFCI outlets are required. This includes bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and pool areas. GFCI outlets protect against accidental electrocutions.


Installing a Variety of Outlets

  • USB outlets
  • Smart outlets
  • Switched outlets
  • Cable outlets
  • 20A outlets (often used for heavy-duty equipment)
  • Tamper-resistant outlets

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Electrical Outlet Installations