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Let the Light Shine

From indoor and outdoor lighting installations to repairs, we do it all.

Home Lighting Installations

Let us help you with your home lighting needs.

  • Lighting and ceiling fan installation and repair
  • Kitchen lighting and range installation
  • Outdoor spotlights and outlets

We are there for you. We specialize in indoor and outdoor lighting repairs.


Whole Home LED Conversion

Cut energy costs with a whole-home LED conversion. LED lights use up to 90% less energy than an incandescent bulb. During the lifespan of the light-bulb, that adds up to about $75-$80 in savings.


Do I Need Help with Lighting Repair?

Are your lights flickering or often burning out? Have you noticed brittle wiring, frayed fabric wires, or damaged cords? You may need lighting repairs.


Is DIY Home Lighting Repair Safe?

Electricity is dangerous, and mistakes can be devastating. It is safest to hire a trained electrician. Lean on the side of safety. Work with a licensed and insured professional. It is critical to turn to the professionals when you need electrical work. Schedule an appointment!

Home Lighting Installations