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Electrical Inspections

Assessing your home’s electrical system and wiring integrity.

Complete Electrical Inspections Service

Older properties were not wired for the electrical demands of today so electrical inspections are important. Old wiring becomes an emergency requiring immediate attention. Here is a quick stat. Electrical problems are the leading cause of property damage in the country. Be proactive. Act before it is too late. When you think there is a problem, contact our experts right away. Our quick response team provides the fast help you need.


Comprehensive electrical inspections for residential and commercial customers.

We ensure your property complies with local regulations and the National Electrical Code.


Purchasing a New Property?

Avoid unexpected problems. Schedule an electrical inspection.

Are you looking for a home or exploring purchasing a commercial property? Before signing on the dotted line, give us a call. Have the electrical system of the property inspected. This is especially true when you buy an older home or building. Carry out due diligence. Ensure existing issues get addressed before completing the sale. Schedule a professional electrical inspection.



Include an electrical inspection before and after renovations. Plan ahead. Know what you need for electrical demands. Ensure that once done, everything is working as it should. Heavy-duty appliances need updated electric systems. This includes a tankless water heater or a home backup generator. We help you identify issues, providing system upgrades that ensure your safety.


What Do We Check For During an Electrical Inspection?

  • Inspect the grounding system
  • Check for faulty or exposed wiring
  • Assess the breaker panel
  • Confirm safety switch efficiency
  • Ensure proper surge protection installation
  • Test smoke and CO alarms

After the inspection, you will get a list of repairs or replacement options. Some items are optional. Others will be necessary for keeping your home and family safe. Damaged electrical outlets, receptacles, or electrical panels may need repairs or upgrades. You enjoy long-term peace of mind with honest advice and solutions.


Electrical Inspections