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Ductless AC – Air Conditioning with Mini-Split HVAC Systems

Use ductless ac mini-split HVAC to reach unreachable areas. Do you have rooms without ducts? Are you planning an addition? Mini-split HVAC systems could be the solution you are looking for.


Ductless AC Cost

Mini-systems allow for micro-environments. You can control the temperature in local areas apart from the rest of the house. With a separate thermostat, increase heating and cooling efficiency.

  • Reduce the load on the central HVAC system.
  • This may help you use less energy.
  • Reducing energy saves you money.

Ductless HVAC systems mean you do not have to buy large central air systems. The mini units manage the extra load, letting you get more years out of your existing central air system.
Run the mini systems only when you need them. Sometimes the central HVAC system heats and cools without extra help. Run the mini-split HVAC units only on windy, cold, or hot days.


Constant Comfort – Better Efficiency – Room-by-Room Preferences

Small in size, these systems cost less than traditional AC systems. They cost less to run. That means you incur lower cooling costs.



Ductless AC